The Community School of Performing Arts is an open enrollment program. The term "open enrollment" means that there is no selective audition process for admission to the school. However, this does not guarantee every student a place, as high demand in some areas may preclude immediate enrollment. Auditions and interviews for appropriate placement in courses may be required. For detailed information regarding registration, please select one of the following topics:

Schedule of Classes
Registration Methods/Forms
Academic Calendar
Inquiry Form for Private Lessons
Orchestra/Ensemble Auditions
Welcome Weekend
Registration Office Hours

Schedule of Classes

The Community School operates on a three-term calendar comprised of fall, spring, and summer semesters. Students may enroll in group classes and/or private instruction, both of which require registration prior to the attending the first meeting. Published three times a year, prior to the beginning of each semester, the Schedule of Classes provides information on the cost of tuition and the classes offered by the Community School of Performing Arts.

Visit this link for the 2017 Spring Schedule of Classes (as of 1/17/17)

Visit this link for the 2017 Summer Schedule of Classes (as of 5/13/17)

Registration Methods

New Student Registration (In-person Required)

A student is considered new if they have never enrolled before, or if their attendance at the School has lapsed for a semester or more (excluding summer). Space for new students may be limited, as priority is given to continuing students.

All new students must register in person. In general, new students may register at any time during the year, depending on timing and provided space is available in the desired class or studio.

Continuing Student Registration (Email/Fax/Online)

All students are required to register at the beginning of each semester. The formal registration period usually takes place 3-4 weeks prior to the first day of classes. Each semester, continuing students are given one week of priority to enroll before new students.

During the fall and spring semesters, students who study privately are required to register for 16 private lessons. Any student who wishes to take less than 16 lessons, must provide written approval from their instructor. This documentation should accompany your registration form.

Continuing students may register via online, fax, e-mail, or in person. Click the following link to download the Registration Form and Credit Card Authorization.

Download and Print Registration Form and credit card authorization

Continuing students may also try our convenient online registration. However, if you fall under one of the following categories you cannot register online.

  • Financial Aid/Merit Scholarship Recipients
  • Students requesting Payment Plans
  • Early Childhood Students

All other students may register online by clicking here to create an online account

Academic Calendar

The 2016-17 academic year will begin sooner than in year's past, visit this link to download the 2016–17 Academic Calendar.

At a glance, here are some upcoming important dates to make note of:

2017 Summer Formal Registration Period:

  • April 1 for select camps and dance workshops
  • All other classes Tue, May 2 - Mon, May 8 for continuing students
  • Open enrollment for new students begins Tue, May 9
  • See Summer Schedule of Classes above for start dates as early as May 30

For the 2017-18 Academic Calendar, visit this link.

Please note: All dates are subject to change. It is the responsibility of students and parents to note all calendar dates and schedule changes as they are posted at the school. We only observe specific holidays as listed on the Academic Calendar. We do not follow the LAUSD or other school calendars. If a holiday is not listed on the Academic Calendar, it is not an official school holiday observed by the Colburn School, therefore, classes and lessons will take place as scheduled.

Registration Office Hours

To facilitate in-person registration or answer any questions about enrollment, our office hours are as follows:

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, 10 am–7 pm
Thursday and Friday, 9 am–6 pm
Saturday, 8 am–5 pm

Please note that office hours during summer are limited from June–August.

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