Dance Council

The mission of the Colburn Dance Council is to support the Trudl Zipper Dance Institute at the Colburn School. As a membership-based group, it also provides opportunities for the members to interact with the TZDI, its faculty, and students to enhance member appreciation for dance as a vital art form.

Support the Trudl Zipper Dance Institute

  • Provide resources for the development of the programs and educational activities of the TZDI
  • Provide connections for the students to the dance world and the greater community in Los Angeles and Southern California
  • Create events and communications that will build awareness, enthusiasm, and financial support for the dance programs at Colburn
  • Develop the audience for the TZDI’s dance performances

Serve the Members of the Colburn Dance Council

  • Create value for our members by providing meaningful educational and social events around the TZDI and its programs
  • Invest the funds raised from membership and other events wisely in support of the TZDI mission
  • Communicate effectively to all our members about the activities and events of interest at TZDI and The Colburn School
  • Increase membership so that the Colburn Dance Council represents a diverse, interesting and significant organization with impact on TZDI and the community

For more information or to join the Colburn Dance Council, please contact Amanda Greenberger by calling 213.621.4793 or emailing

Colburn Trudl Zipper Dance Institute modern dance students
Trudl Zipper
Dance Institute
Colburn Trudl Zipper Dance Institute ballet student

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