Center for Innovation and Community Impact

Music touches people regardless of age, creed, or socioeconomic status, and at the Colburn School, we want to afford aspiring young musicians as many opportunities to explore their talent and potential free from financial constraints when possible. The Colburn Center for Innovation and Community Impact Initiative embodies our “access to excellence” vision.

Our Center for Innovation and Community Impact programs offer a sequential education for low-income students who may not have the financial resources to pursue high-caliber performing arts instruction. We also want to extend the experience to our community. The Center for Innovation and Community Impact office produces interactive performances and hosts free performances for the public throughout Southern California.

To date, the Colburn School has dedicated more than $1 million toward financial-need scholarships and community programs.

Our Center for Innovation and Community Impact Initiative takes a multi-pronged approach:

  • We introduce and cultivate an appreciation of music through high-quality performances in underserved communities.
  • Through community ensembles, we create meaningful participatory music-making experiences.
  • Our rigorous sequential-learning curriculum builds skill and confidence in committed students.
  • High-need students who exhibit high potential in their performing arts studies may be integrated into the Colburn School.

We are committed to acting on the highest ideals as we engage students in our Southern California communities. These ideals guide us to create models that are sustainable and replicable so high-need children have opportunities to discover and pursue their musical potential.

We’re also committed to deepening the performing arts experience in underserved communities. Through these efforts, children are exposed to various music genres, and can reap the many proven benefits associated with music education, such as improved general learning skills and strengthened self-respect. And of course, we hope to ignite a lifelong appreciation for the arts.

Core Values

Artistry: We strongly believe the performing arts represent the highest form of human expression. Nurturing artistry not only fosters greater expression but also encourages the mind and spirit to reach beyond our everyday experiences. The arts challenge humans to contemplate the full measure of our intellect as well as push our physical and emotional capacities.

Excellence: Success promotes success. When you achieve something once believed to be beyond your capabilities, then naturally, you’ll want to go further, learn more, and accomplish more. The pursuit of excellence is the common thread that is woven through the various dimensions and levels of performing arts education. Admittedly, at the Colburn School, we expect much of our students, but more importantly, we expect our students to always want more of themselves as they seek excellence.

Innovation: Learning the classics in chamber music or dance lays a strong foundation, but at the heart of the performing arts is creativity and innovation. Our educational programs have a strong instructional foundation; however, our goal is to provide students with innovative learning experiences that are meaningful and lead to further mastery, creativity, and independence.

Enrichment: The performing arts add color, life, and vibrancy to our lives and support a deeper interpretation and understanding of people and experiences. Our Center for Innovation and Community Impact programs offer students and the public a more expressive perspective and an opportunity to forge stronger feelings of connection.