Center for Innovation and Community Impact

The Center for Innovation and Community Impact embodies Colburn’s commitment to developing young artists with the passion and skills to serve their communities while building fulfilling, sustainable careers.

The Center serves all units of the institution—the Community School of the Performing Arts, Music Academy, Trudl Zipper Dance Institute and Conservatory of Music—and promotes creative thinking among musicians and dancers in a supportive environment that embraces the development of new ideas. The Center offers innovative programming in the areas of entrepreneurship, community engagement, interactive performance, and pedagogy.


The Center provides curricular and non-curricular opportunities for students to create and cultivate new ideas, projects, and ventures during their time at Colburn. Whether through micro-course or workshop offerings, or our signature New Venture Competition, students can choose from multiple entry points to interact with this work in a way that complements their desired careers.

The Center also serves as an innovation lab for the field at large by engaging in thought leadership work in the areas of program design, research, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Community Impact

Like many of our offerings, our programming in Community Impact serves both internal and external stakeholders, often simultaneously.

Internally, we offer robust learning and performance opportunities for students in the areas of interactive performance, community engagement, and pedagogy.

Externally, we offer a suite of pipeline programs designed to equitably engage low-income students from our local community—through partnerships with Title I schools within a six-mile radius—in rigorous, fully scholarship-supported musical study beginning in early childhood and extending through high school graduation.