Adult Dance Programs

You may be curious to try something new, or looking to rekindle a love for dance once lost to the demands of a busy schedule. Either way, Colburn has a number of courses for all adults who want to enjoy ballet, modern, and tap, or simply want a refreshing workout.

At the heart of our adult programs is the Dance Card, which allows you to take a certain number of classes. You can sample different dance styles, or focus on one: with the Dance Card, it’s your choice. Dance Cards are available for one 85-minute class, or you can buy Dance Cards in increments of five, 10, and 20 classes. The Dance Card may be purchased any time through the Trudl Zipper Dance Institute.

Our courses include beginning and intermediate ballet programs, an intermediate modern program, and multiple tap courses. In addition, we offer a Pilates and barre workout course.

Meet Our Faculty

Amy Schadt
Jazz Dance for Music Theatre Instructor

Amy Schadt is an established dancer, choreographer, and teacher who has worked with Hama and the late Claude Thompson, and was lead dancer in various Jazz Dance LA productions.

Tamsin Carlson
Chair, Modern and Creative Dance, Modern Dance Instructor

Tamsin Carlson is a graduate of the Arts Educational School, where she was awarded a college diploma, and London Contemporary Dance School, where she was awarded a diploma for her course work.

Diana Beardsley
Yoga Instructor

Diana Beardsley has been practicing yoga since 1970, and has been teaching since 1985.

Denise Scheerer
Chair, Tap and Musical Theater

In Seattle, Denise Scheerer founded and performed with That’s Jazz, a Seattle-based jazz dance company.