Vocal Ensembles

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The Colburn School offers a variety of classes for the young vocalist. For most young children, vocal study should begin with the classes offered in the Early Childhood Department. For somewhat older and/or more experienced students, Pre-Teen Singers or Young People’s Chorus provides a positive atmosphere and good grounding in basic vocal technique and musicianship. The most experienced and able singers should consider enrolling in the Colburn Children’s Choir, as well as private vocal instruction. All classes emphasize vocal technique, physical awareness, music reading/sight singing, and performance and audition etiquette.

Voice students are encouraged to enroll in music theory classes. Theory study enhances vocal training and builds a strong foundation for future musical progress.

Private Instruction in Voice

Private voice instruction is recommended for students age 13 and older. Although there is no set lower age limit for voice lessons, there are sometimes developmental reasons for delaying private study.

Prospective students who wish to study privately at the School must complete an Inquiry Form. The department chair will then contact you to provide programmatic details and to discuss scheduling.

In some cases, an interview with the department chair is required; the interview may include an audition. The purpose of the interview and audition is to determine developmental appropriateness, experience, ability, and to place the student with the appropriate private teacher. Once placed with a teacher, weekly lesson times are scheduled directly with him/her. Students must bring a recording device to each lesson.

Vocal Classes and Ensembles

A placement audition and interview is necessary in order to evaluate the student’s current level of proficiency and knowledge, and to assess the best placement for the student’s continued growth. To schedule an audition, please contact Dr. Mikhail Shtangrud at mshtangrud@colburnschool.edu or 213-621-4767.