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Our Career Development Center provides guidance and opportunities that enable you to pursue the career path of your choosing. Programs are tailored to your needs as an individual, and are designed to enhance the work you do in the studio.

Individual Career Advising

Central to the philosophy of the Career Development Center is the idea that students have their own personal aspirations when it comes to building a thriving performance career. Our team is available to meet individually with you to provide personalized guidance, tools, and advice for the next steps in your career.

Performance Opportunities

The Career Development Office has cultivated relationships with venues and organizations throughout Los Angeles area to provide performance opportunities for our students. Interested students can sign up for our Gig List and join our Facebook group to stay up to date on any opportunities that present themselves.

Teaching Artistry

Working as a studio teacher is a rewarding and gratifying way to develop a sustainable career in the arts. Colburn’s Community Engagement program offers training through our Teaching Fellows course where you will receive practical instruction on how to teach one-on-one lessons. Upon completion of the class, you will have an opportunity to develop your own private studio in order to continue to hone your skills as a teacher.


New Venture Competition

The annual Colburn New Venture Competition encourages the entrepreneurial spirit by providing strategic and financial support to students and alumni who wish to launch or pursue new business ideas, partnerships, and performance models.  Grants from the New Venture Competition can range from $500 to $1,500 a project, and grantees receive a full year of advising from Colburn School staff and faculty.

To enter the competition, students must attend our New Venture Competition workshops; awards are announced each spring.


Throughout the year, the Career Development Center hosts a variety of workshops designed to assist students and alumni on activities outside the classroom and rehearsal halls. Examples covered include the following:

  • How to get more paid gigs and performance opportunities
  • How to nail your 10 seconds of fame
  • Why you lost that last audition and how to win the next
  • How to fill out your tax forms
  • Improving body awareness and poise
  • Building confident speaking skills

Networking Events

Each semester, the Career Development Center hosts a networking event where you can meet alumni, other students, and industry professionals. Each event starts off with a short panel discussion regarding a career-related topic, followed by time for you to make professional connections with other attendees.

Open Houses

In addition to scheduled events and one-on-one appointments with your career advisor, the Career Development Center (Olive 456) opens its doors for monthly walk-ins. Come in to talk with us about your career concerns; have your résumé reviewed; pick up tickets for local concerts; or just come by to see what we’re all about. Grab a bite to eat, too.

Professional Photo Shoot Sessions

Do you need professional headshots? Several times a year, we bring in a photographer to hold a headshot photo session on campus at a subsidized rate. The cost is $25 a student, plus an additional $25 for a retouched photo. This service is limited to 100 students on a first-come, first-served basis.


For more information about careers in the performing arts and industry organizations, check out these websites: (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

Contact Us

Give us a call or drop us an email with your questions or to request an appointment.

Laura Liepins
Director of Artistic Administration and Career Development

Nathaniel Zeisler, DMA
Dean for Community Initiatives

Jazmín Morales
Manager, Community Engagement and Career Development


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