Department: youth-dance-programs

Ballet Instructor
Ms. Karz Rapoport has 30 years of teaching and choreographing experience for ballet students of all ages, and holds a certification as a yoga instructor as well.
Ballet Instructor
Genevieve Labean Page is a former professional ballet dancer with the New York City Ballet, where she danced for nine years on stage and in televised performances in theaters around the world.
Ballet Instructor
Tim Lynch is the co-founder of Lynch Dance Institute in San Diego and a former Pacific Northwest Ballet member.
Dance Accompanist
Yoko enjoys teaching various levels of students, is a freelance accompanist, and has been a ballet accompanist for the Trudl Zipper Dance Institute at The Colburn School since September 2011.
Angel Pennington smiling in front of a window. She is wearing a quartz crystal necklace.
Dance Instructor
Angel Pennington has studied tap extensively with Sam Weber, Denise Scheerer, and Chance Taylor.
Dean, Trudl Zipper Dance Institute
One of the most celebrated dancers of her generation, Ms. Ringer has contributed to the field of dance in many ways.