Classes for Adults

Not all Colburn students are school-aged children. Our extension programs offer adults the chance to rekindle their passion for the performing arts. We know how busy people’s lives get, so our adult programs are flexible to accommodate varying schedules.

  • We invite adults to register for dance classes in ballet, tap, and modern.
  • Adult students are welcomed to participate in jazz theory or jazz combo classes.
  • The Colburn Community Chorale offers opportunities to expand knowledge of vocal techniques, music theory, and engage in performance opportunities.
  • Private instruction is available for all skill levels. So if you always wanted to learn an instrument but never had the opportunity, now’s your chance.
Enroll Now

If you’re interested in adult music classes, visit our Community School’s Enrollment Information page. If you’re interested in adult dance classes, visit our Trudl Zipper Dance Institute’s Adult Dance Program’s Registration page. Visit this link to enroll today.