Thank You

The Colburn School’s connected community response during COVID-19

At Colburn, we are dedicated to keeping our community safe and healthy. In an abundance of caution, we have decided to suspend all in-person instruction, performances, and related social events through May 17. But the School has not stopped—indeed, activity has in many ways increased.

Since then, our faculty and staff have been working tirelessly to ensure our students across all areas of the School can stay connected to the performing arts, and to their faculty and teachers so they may continue their instruction and training through virtual instruction, coaching, and online performances. We are striving to ensure we can all turn to the performing arts in this time of uncertainty, and we appreciate everyone who is helping make this possible within an incredibly short period of time.

Many of you have asked what you can do to help. Thank you.

Support the Colburn Connected Fund

There are so many ways people have made a difference already with their time and talents. You can read about some of them, below. Of course, funds are also vital at this time. A Colburn Connected Community Response Fund has been created to provide food, travel, and instrument support to residential students who can no longer stay on campus, ensure immediate access to technology needed for online learning, and more.

Here are just a few of the actions we are taking to keep Colburn’s vibrant community safe, connected, and engaged:

  • Over 100 devices have been purchased to support virtual teaching for faculty in the Community School of Performing Arts, Conservatory of Music, Music Academy, Dance Academy, and Trudl Zipper Dance Institute so that they may continue their teaching online. Conservatory and Academies instruction will begin March 23 and CSPA instruction will begin in early April, at the latest. All students in degree-granting programs will stay on track and graduating seniors will be able to earn their degrees.
  • Colburn dance faculty are developing an extensive real-time interactive curriculum, with technology that allows them to teach and provide feedback to students as if they were in class. This will be rolled out via a massive online introductory session with all 300 students on Monday, to be followed by smaller group classes each day according to genre and level.
  • Over $45,000 of meal, travel, and housing stipends have been distributed to Conservatory, Music Academy, and Dance Academy students who needed to move out of the dorms and are facing extraordinary financial hardship with support coming from our board of directors.
  • Shopping at home has never been so helpful! Community members have set up Amazon Smile and Office Depot’s “Give Back to Schools” programs with Colburn School as a beneficiary to receive percentages of shopping expenses. For Amazon Smile, all benefits for shoppers are the same (Prime, for example), but shoppers need to enter through and indicate Colburn School to receive their %; on Office Depot, Colburn’s ID is 70243309.
  • All residential students have been safely relocated and are on their way home, to a friend’s or relative’s house, or staying with generous members of our community who have offered their homes.
  • Our Jumpstart programs in the Community School, taught primarily by our Conservatory students (Gluck Teaching Fellows) will be able to resume in April by connecting the Conservatory teaching fellows virtually with Jumpstart students in their homes.
  • Conservatory pianists, percussionists, and harpists who are away from their instruments are being matched with private instruments in homes in Los Angeles, rental studios, and other creative practice options so their education and training is uninterrupted.
  • Colburn is shipping instruments home for those students who were away from their instruments while on spring break.
  • Students with international visas have ongoing access to our staff for advice and support, and Colburn will manage the course schedule for 2021 in a way that ensures they can return within the current student immigration laws.
  • The School has secured $35,000 of supportive technology to help transition staff to safe work-from-home environments and non-essential personnel are encouraged to work from home.
  • The Celebrate Colburn Gala, scheduled for April 22, will be re-envisioned. As the single most important fundraiser for the School, the gala is vital to the financial health of the School, and our ability to fund scholarships and the services and opportunities that make up the Colburn experience for students and audience members. Please keep an eye out for updates as we develop a Colburn experience for this year’s gala that is worthy of our honorees, performers, and everyone who supports them.
  • Because the Colburn Café closed to the public last week, and suspended service all together this week, we gathered all of the unused food and donated it to our local food bank. We hope this helps give back to our community as well.

To talk with us about other ways to participate, please contact the advancement department at

Support the Colburn Connected Fund