Space & Sound
A study of how we perceive sound and movement within architectural constructs and materials

Architects design for the human experience. When an architectural space is filled with live performance, the artistry of the experience is palpable. Musicians and dancers are regularly adapting—moment-to-moment—to their space. Sound waves are adjusted for, sight lines considered, obstacles choreographed around. In this series, we will study how the nature of space affects the experience of the artists and the audience.

Each Space & Sound program will include live performance in a remarkable modern architectural space. The architects will join us for a conversation with the performers and other special guests. The program will be followed by the opportunity to continue the dialogue with artists, architects, and friends at a reception.

Space & Sound Host Committee
Farnaz Azmoodeh and Matthew Royce
Mahnaz and David Newman
Laurie Samitaur Smith
Rosanne Ziering

All proceeds benefit the Colburn School. Tickets are available for each individual event; details are below.

Complimentary tickets are offered to Colburn Society Studio Circle members. Please contact us at for more information.

Event addresses will be provided with your ticket confirmation.