Community Engagement

The Community Engagement Initiative, under the direction of Nathaniel Zeisler,
embodies the Colburn School’s “Access to Excellence” vision. Community Engagement programs provide a sequential performing arts education for low-income students who would otherwise not have access to high quality performing arts education. In addition, the Community Engagement office produces interactive performances, and provides free public performances throughout the Southern California community. The Colburn School gives more than $1 million back to the community through a combination of financial need scholarships and community programs.


  • Offer exposure to music in underserved communities through high quality performances
  • Create meaningful participatory music-making experiences through community ensembles
  • Provide rigorous sequential learning for interested and committed students
  • Help high-potential, high-need students achieve success by fully integrating into Colburn School programs


The Community Engagement program at the Colburn School is committed to the very highest ideals. These ideals guide the program as it develops a small, sustainable, and replicable community engagement models for high-need, high-potential children in the greater Los Angeles region. The school improves and deepens the musical stimulation that Southern California’s under-served children receive, while creating a viable path for improved general learning skills, strengthened self-respect and a lifelong appreciation for the arts. The core values for the program are:

The performing arts represents the highest form of human expression. Cultivating artistry elevates the mind and spirit beyond the common experiences of daily life and puts it in touch with the full measure of our intellectual, physical and emotional capacities.

The human experience is elevated when individuals achieve something beyond what they once believed themselves capable of achieving. Excellence is the common element that binds together all of the various dimensions and levels of performing arts education. We expect more from our students and our students learn to ask more of themselves.

To be the best at what you do is a remarkable achievement. To accomplish what no one has yet imagined possible is what propels society and culture forward. Our goal is to create learning experiences that epitomize artistic life in balance by leading students through meaningful, rewarding and successful experiences that develop confidence, creativity and independence.

The performing arts speak to us in ways that increase the depth and breadth of our experiences with others and provide a deeper understanding of ourselves. Through our performances and educational programs for children and adults, we seek to connect people with the very best of what the arts has to offer.

Community Engagement Administration

Director of Community Engagement
Nathaniel W. Zeisler

Coordinator, Community Engagement
Jazmin Morales

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