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Special Performances

From time to time, The Colburn School presents special performances on a one-time basis.   

April 16, 8 pm
Zipper Hall 

John Adams Conducts Members of the Colburn Orchestra 

Members of the Colburn Orchestra
John Adams, conductor
Jiuming Shen and Stephanie Tang, piano (for Hallelujah Junction)
Joseph Morris, clarinet (for Gnarly Buttons)

ADAMS Hallelujah Junction; Gnarly Buttons; Chamber Symphony

Composer, conductor, and creative thinker, John Adams, occupies a unique position in the world of American music. His works, both operatic and symphonic, stand out among contemporary classical compositions for their depth of expression, brilliance of sound, and the profoundly humanist nature of their themes. Over the past 25 years, Adams’ music has played a decisive role in turning the tide of contemporary musical aesthetics away from academic modernism and toward a more expansive, expressive language, entirely characteristic of his New World surroundings.

This concert is part of the LA Philharmonic's Minimalist Jukebox Festival. 




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