Trudl Zipper Dance Institute Overview

The Colburn Dance Academy, formed in 2014, continues as a part of the Institute as a pre-professional program for both male and female ballet dancers aged 14–19. A select group of dancers receive personalized instruction and mentorship as they pursue their goal of becoming professional dancers and artistic leaders. Benjamin Millepied continues to serve as the Dance Academy’s Artistic Advisor.

TZDI classes are offered in ballet, tap, musical theater dance, modern dance, creative dance, special technique classes for boys, and an extensive curriculum for advanced level teens. Ballet and modern dance offer an advanced studies program for aspiring and serious dance students. All levels and disciplines emphasize a solid grasp of fundamental dance techniques, including strong technical, creative, and performance skills, with an understanding of the traditions and history behind each style of dance. The Institute’s exceptional faculty are selected for their ability to impart dance and movement theory, practice, and history to the training of students in a broad range of levels and styles, helping each dancer excel to their highest possible level of excellence and enjoyment.

Students at all levels are invited to audition for ballet, tap, or modern. The chairperson leading each department will evaluate the student for placement in the appropriate level based on previous dance training, ability, and age. While schedules may allow younger students to enroll in a variety of dance offerings, the increasing number of required classes for older students will require that they focus on a single discipline. A new refined schedule of classes has been created that takes into careful consideration the necessary training time required for student progression. Students will be required to commit to an assigned class level for the full academic year and the total number of required classes will be increased with mandatory attendance.

Students accepted into the Institute will receive instruction from one of the most accomplished collection of faculty that can be found anywhere in American dance training. These teachers are all current and former professional dancers with the world’s top dance companies and organizations. They have been invited to teach at Colburn because of their deep understanding of dance excellence and training while also embracing the great pleasure that being a dancer offers and how to bring that experience to every class and to every student.

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