Rehearsal Spaces

With more than 1,650 square feet, group auditions and rehearsals are no problem in the Grand Rehearsal Hall. The rehearsal space, located in our Grand Building, is large enough to host orchestras up to 50 pieces; we permanently house a grand piano. The adjustable acoustical drapery helps create an inviting setting. For a little inspiration, musicians can glance out to the famed Walt Disney Concert Hall across the street and beyond to the greater LA landscape.

Grand Rehearsal Hall features a single-level layout, which is also perfect for interactive meetings, master classes, and workshops.

To reserve Grand Rehearsal Hall for a rehearsal, or if you require a rate schedule, contact Jessica Ewing at 213-621-4522 or

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Thanks to its very specific construction criteria and the fact that it’s located below ground level, the only sounds to be heard in the Olive Rehearsal Hall (ORH) are those made by the talented musicians who take its stage. That controlled environment makes ORH virtually free from outside distractions during rehearsals.

At 3,500 square feet, ORH is the largest rehearsal space on campus. It comfortably fits large orchestras and choruses, or can be configured to highlight the acoustics of smaller ensembles. In fact, it can be acoustically modified for various types of performances.

If you’d like to reserve Olive Rehearsal Hall for rehearsals, contact Jessica Ewing at 213-621-4522 or

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Thayer Hall, located in our Olive Building, is a musician’s dream venue, featuring state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems. A stage of 550 square feet hosts ensembles of various sizes, and the hall features 189 fixed seats for intimate performances.

The hall also is perfectly sized for meetings, lectures, workshops, master classes, and recording sessions. Thayer Hall is available Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoons during the primary academic year (August through May).

If you’re interested in reserving Thayer Hall for rehearsals, contact Jessica Ewing at 213-621-4522 or

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We’re extremely proud that our Zipper Hall is one of the most popular performance halls in Los Angeles. In fact, it’s become a favorite venue for Camerata Pacifica, Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, Monday Evening Concerts, Lark Musical Society, and Piano Spheres.

The Zipper Hall, which seats 430, is decked out with some of the most modern amenities for a performance space. The hall’s ceiling reaches more than 60 feet above the stage, including 16 feet above an intricate acoustically transparent trellis. The approximately 1,100-square-foot stage sits under nine acoustic “clouds” that project a soft ambient glow. The motorized drapery can be adjusted to enhance different genres. Each detail helps to elevate performances, from auditions to concerts and dance recitals.

Zipper Hall also is great for auditions, recordings, lectures, meetings, and corporate seminars.

If you’re interested in reserving Zipper Hall, contact Jessica Ewing at 213-621-4522 or

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Although Mayman Hall is our smallest performance space on campus, it’s an extremely versatile space. The stage floor covers nearly 800 square feet, large enough to fit small groups. The hall seats 85, which provides for more personal interactions during rehearsals. It’s also perfect for small recitals and lectures.

While we always welcome inquiries, Mayman Hall has limited availability. To see if the facility is available for your rehearsal, contact Jessica Ewing at 213-621-4522 or

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