Colburn Alumni Recital Series

Colburn Alumni may no longer be studying in our halls, but they are performers for life. Thanks to the generosity of donations both large and small, we are pleased to welcome them back for the Colburn Alumni Recital Series. We are currently accepting program proposals from alumni for the inaugural season of what we hope will blossom into an ongoing series.

If you would like to submit a proposal for consideration, please be sure to read the details below and feel free to reach out to Michele Yamamoto, Manager of Alumni and Parent Relations if you have any additional questions at

2020–21 Series Overview

This year, the Colburn School seeks to premiere around three filmed one-hour performances, depending on the scope of each project. Programs will be selected from submitted proposals on a rolling basis by a committee composed of Colburn leadership, Artistic Administration, and the Alumni Office. Selected proposals will receive $500 of funding to support the performers and may be eligible for loans of recording equipment for project use, pending availability.

Once selected and notified, alumni are responsible for recording and editing videos into a clean cut, which should then be submitted to the Alumni Office. The Colburn School will provide a final edit to include title cards, lower thirds, and credits. Once the video is complete, Colburn will select the premiere date and provide promotional assistance on all social media and communications channels. Alumni performers will be expected to promote the program on all channels available to them as well. Videos may be used by the Colburn School in future, either as a featured video on our social media channels, in sharing with the board and other donors, or in some other capacity.


If you would like to be considered for the Alumni Recital Series, please use the following guidelines and submit your completed proposal as a PDF or Word Document to Michele Yamamoto, Manager of Alumni and Parent Relations, at no later than October 15, 2020.

We will notify alumni of their proposal’s selection on a rolling basis during winter. The proposal can be created as a group, but if the project includes participation from multiple alumni, please select a primary alumni contact to submit the proposal and act as first point of contact.

All proposals must include the following elements:

1. Overview
  • A written description of the program and thematic or narrative considerations that were used to shape it
2. Program details
  • Primary alumni contact information: Name, unit, graduation year, email address, and phone number
  • All other performers, clearly identifying other alumni involved
  • Details of each piece to be performed (Composer, work, movement, etc.)
  • Estimated runtime (no longer than one hour)
  • Details of recording setup to be used
3. Project details
  • Estimated timeline from selection to submission of the final video
  • Unique considerations or challenges that this particular program or setup may encounter
  • Technological limitations
4. Promotional details
  • Provide any details you can about the promotional activity the primary contact or may provide
  • Provide any details you can about the promotional activity the other participating performers may provide (You may include a breakdown by performer)