String Faculty

Margaret Batjer, Violin, Academy Virtuosi
Martin Beaver, Violin
Henry Gronnier, Violin
Fabiola Kim, Violin
Joan Kwuon, Violin
Robert Lipsett, Violin
Gina Coletti, Viola
Teng Li, Viola
Clive Greensmith, Cello
Peter Lloyd, Double Bass
JoAnn Turovsky, Harp
Geraldine Walther, Interim Director of Chamber Music

Winds and Percussion Faculty

James Walker, Flute
Yehuda Gilad, Clarinet
Richard Beene, Bassoon
Edward Atkatz, Percussion

Piano Faculty

Fabio Bidini, Piano
HyeJin Kim, Piano (Asst. to Mr. Bidini)
Micah Yui, Piano

Note: Faculty for instruments not listed above are drawn from the Colburn Conservatory of Music.

Academic Faculty

Louise Borden, English as a Second Language
Tamsin Carlson, Movement for Musicians
Deborah Devine, Presentational Skills
Michaela Eremiasova, Music Theory and Ear Training
Vera Ivanova, Music Theory and Ear Training
Jeffrey Lavner, Keyboard Skills
Rodolfo Leone, Piano Duos
Régulo Martínez-Antón, Keyboard Literature
Leila Núñez-Fredell, Music History
Ian Pritchard, Continuo and Figured Bass