So, How’s That Going? Podcast

Join us in the Alumni Office as we catch up with Colburn alumni to talk about life after Colburn, diving into their stories to explore a wide range of topics. From landing the job to pursuing creative ventures, alumni share their insight with aspiring students and artists at Colburn and around the globe.


  • Episode 01: Pandemic Edition
    Members of the Calidore Quartet, Gina Luciani, Nicholas Rose, and Anatalia Hordov on So, How's That Going? episode 1
    We catch up with Anatalia Hordov (Dance Academy ’16), Nicholas Rose (Dance Academy ’15), and the members of the Calidore Quartet (Conservatory ’16), and our own Dr. Nate Zeisler of the Center for Innovation and Community Impact to talk about how the current pandemic is changing the performing arts community and affecting alumni as artists and humans.