Drama classes at the Community School focus on the process of learning so students build confidence and are inspired to take creative risks. The Drama program begins with improvisation, body movement, and theater games, and progresses to monologue, scene work, script analysis, and character development. The program strongly emphasizes process over product, creating a learning environment in which students are free to explore and work without fear of judgment.


In this class, imagination is key. Young students engage in creative thinking through movement, theater games, and improvisations. Students dramatize stories and poems as well as come up with original stories. The Creative Dramatics class is recommended as preparation for Drama I.

Ages: 5–7

This class continues to advances students’ understanding of drama through movement, theater games, and improvisations, all key to scene development. Students also experience informal performance opportunities.

Ages: 8–11

Building on skills is key to our curriculum, so Drama II allows students to further develop their creative potential as they learn more about different dramatic literature. They continue to utilize improvisation, scene work, and basic acting skills, but supplemented with voice use and body movement.

Ages: 12–16