Continuing Education for Adults

Written instrumental music
At the Colburn Community School of Performing Arts, we offer a wide range of learning and performance opportunities for students ages 18 and up. Whether you’re looking to join an adult ensemble, take private lessons, or learn about music fundamentals so that you can support your child’s music education, our program is the place for you!

Group Classes

Adult group classes are semester based, running 6 weeks during the summer, and 16 weeks in the fall from August – December or spring from January – May. 

Adult group classes are semester based running 6 weeks in the summer and 16 weeks during the fall from August – December or spring from January – May. 

This year long course will introduce beginning concepts of music theory:  notation, meter, rhythm, scales, modes, and harmony, while exploring various musical styles and periods of music history.  Dalcroze learning exercises will be taught as an innovative approach to understanding musical concepts through spatial exploration and vocal awareness. 

Dalcroze methods engage students in interactive dynamic learning experiences that can help them develop analytical listening skills and open them up to their own innate musicality. This series of progressive lessons will enable participants to experience Dalcroze methods directly and show how they may apply these methods in their own teaching. Each session will feature a 70-minute session exploration of Dalcroze Rhythmic Solfege and a twenty-minute Q&A session. Designed specifically for music educators regardless of their prior exposure to Dalcroze methods.

Private Lessons

At the Colburn Community School of Performing Arts, students of all ages and ability levels can receive one-on-one instruction on any instrument, including voice. Our esteemed faculty share their expertise to help students develop their musicianship, technique, and confidence.

All students interested in private lessons must first submit an inquiry using the form below.

Inquiry Form

You will be contacted by the appropriate department chair within seven days of submitting your inquiry. For 2022-23 private instruction pricing, please see page three in the Schedule of Classes.

Adult Ensembles

Adult group classes are semester based and will be held eight times for 60 minutes each per fall and spring semester, and five times in summer. Actual meeting dates to be arranged with Ms. Lundgren. Please contact for approval to enroll. 

Colburn’s Adult Jazz Workshops consist of musicians who are proficient on their instruments and have some experience in jazz studies. We will explore the jazz genre through active listening, discussion, and application of specific elements of jazz performance. All group members are encouraged to contribute to exchange of ideas and apply concepts by recording themselves to share with the class. New students welcome, please contact instructor Liz Kinnon for more information at