International Students

Students coming to the Colburn Music Academy from outside the United States are expected meet the same academic standards as American applicants. We are authorized to issue the SEVIS I-20 form, “Certificate of Eligibility for Non-Immigrant Student Status.” However, it’s best to be fully informed, so read more about the U.S. student Visa application process by visiting

English Proficiency and Visas for International Students

Being able to effectively communicate in English is critical to succeeding at the Colburn Music Academy. While we encourage students to enter with English proficiency, we understand not all applicants may be fluent. If you proceed through the application process to an in-person audition, you may be asked to interview with faculty and staff for further assessment of your English proficiency.

Student Visa (F-1 Visa)

International students coming to the Colburn Music Academy may obtain the student visa (F-1 Visa) only after acceptance. We will issue you an I-20 Form (students are responsible for shipping costs) and students must bring the I-20 to the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate, where American officials will finalize the visa process. There’s usually a fee of $200 or more for F-1 visas that must be paid before its issuance. There also may be separate processing charges, all of which must be covered by the student. Visit for details.

High School Completion

The Colburn Music Academy is highly focused on expanding students’ musical knowledge and performance abilities in preparation for post-secondary study and careers as professional musicians. In other words, we’re not a typical high school. In fact, we do not grant degrees. Rather, our instruction and activities take place outside of standard school hours, and students must attend another school to meet their state-mandated academic education requirements.

School Partnerships

In 2015, the Colburn Music Academy and the American University Preparatory School (AUP), an elite boarding high school located within walking distance from Colburn, formed a partnership to ensure students receive a full and well-rounded education. AUP offers Music Academy students a highly discounted tuition rate. New students are encouraged to explore AUP as Colburn on-campus housing is very limited.

Colburn Music Academy students also are eligible for a 10% tuition discount to Laurel Springs School. The online K-12 school provides students scheduling flexibility to fit in both academic classwork as well as music studies and performance commitments.