Adult Classes

Adult classes are back at Colburn Dance!

Whether you’re looking to reignite a childhood passion for ballet, improve your tap skills, or would like an inspirational venue to practice yoga in the cultural heart of Downtown LA, Colburn School has a class for you!

Our outstanding faculty of former professional dancers offer Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Ballet and Intermediate Tap for all levels. All classes are drop-in.

$20 for single class
$90 for a 5 Class Card
$180 for a 10 Class Card

Open Adult Intermediate/Advanced Ballet classes:

Mondays: w/ Bertha Blankenship 9-10:30 am
Tuesdays: w/ Bertha Blankenship 8-9:30 pm
Wednesdays: w/ Bertha Blankenship 9-10:30 am

Open Adult Beginning Ballet Classes:

Tuesdays: w/ Bertha Blankenship 9-10:30 am
Thursdays: w/ Haley Bradstreet Olszewski 9-10:30 am


Wednesdays: w/ Johnnie Hobbs III 8 pm –9 pm in Studio B

This class is perfect for adults looking to study tap for the first time, or for those who have some previous tap experience.  Emphasis is placed on building skills through reviewing basic rudiments, terminology and steps. Johnnie Hobbs offers an informative and fun class experience.

Thursdays: w/ Johnnie Hobbs 11 am –12 pm  in Studio B

This class is for adults who have some tap experience and are seeking a challenge to advance their skills to the next level.  Basic rudiments, terminology, time steps, paddle and roll are included in the combinations in each class.  Johnnie Hobbs provides a fun, challenging and informative class.