Voice and Choir

At the Colburn School, we want young vocalists to learn how to master their instrument. Children as young as five may audition for the Junior Chorus, with the possibility to grow into a number of different choral options, including the Colburn Concert Choir, Colburn Chamber Singers, and Young Men’s Chorus. Our experienced faculty helps students realize physical awareness, performance, and audition etiquette while advancing and improving vocal techniques.

Vocal ensemble auditions for the 2020–21 academic year are canceled until further notice. Visit this page to learn more about fall semester updates.

Private Instruction in Voice

Voice students age 13 and older have the option to obtain private instruction from our renowned faculty. Although we do not set a minimum age for private instruction, there may be developmental reasons this format is better suited for older students. Interested individuals are required to submit an inquiry form. Before enrollment, the department chair may request an interview and/or audition to determine placement with a proper faculty member.

Voice students are encouraged to enroll in music theory classes. Theory study enhances vocal training and builds a strong foundation for future musical progress.

Vocal Classes

This group voice class will enable students to learn songs together as a group, but present them as soloists in an in-class performance at the end of the semester. The class will include instruction in basic theory and notation, sight-singing, basic vocal technique, and learning and performing solo repertoire, which will prepare students for private lessons as they reach the appropriate age for applied instruction. Interested students should submit an inquiry today for further information.

Ages: 10–13

Singing and acting techniques often seem to be “at odds” with one another, but are they really? Learn to connect with the text and perform the song in your own unique and affecting way. This class will run 32 weeks.

Audition interviews and pre-approval required. Please inquire today for further information.

Ages: 12+

Designed for college-aspiring high school singers, this class provides the knowledge, strategies, and technical skills needed to craft a first-rate college music audition. This 6 week class will provide the information and technical knowledge to construct a successful college audition and set students apart from the competition. Although not required, students are encouraged to register for private lessons in conjunction with the class.

Ages: 14+

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Explore all that the Colburn Community School of Performing Arts has to offer with an experience that will allow your child to sing, act, and discover their talents. A typical day at the Colburn Performing Arts Camp will include choir rehearsals, drama classes, and musicianship. Additional electives are chosen based on student interest in dance, guitar, percussion, and keyboard studies.

Ages: 8–12


Choral Ensembles

Our Junior Chorus consists of pre-teen beginners to the musical experience.

Ages: 5–10
Audition and interview required

This vocal ensemble caters to young students who are new to music education. The only requirement is a love of singing and being able to work well with others. Through the Young People’s Chorus I, students learn singing techniques and choral singing concepts along with sight singing.

Ages: 9–12
Audition and interview required

Members of the Young People’s Chorus II, oftentimes graduates of Young People’s Chorus I, have mastered the basics of choral singing and are ready to push their abilities to the next level. The repertoire grows to include more stylistic and cultural variety. They also work toward fine-tuning vocal production techniques, tone, diction, expression, and performance skills.

Ages: 10–13
Audition and interview required

The Colburn Concert Choir develops members’ use of voice, stylistic nuances, blend, and performance decorum. The ensemble commits to several performances, including regularly scheduled concerts in Colburn’s Zipper Hall as well as other local venues. Past groups have traveled to China, South America, and Europe. Members should expect to commit to meetings lasting one to three hours each week along with pre-concert rehearsals.

Ages: 12–18
Audition and interview required

Our Young Men’s Chorus offers high school male students, whose voices have changed, advanced vocal training and performance opportunities. In addition to weekly meetings, members attend sectional and individual rehearsals on a pre-scheduled basis; extra pre-concert rehearsals are mandatory. Occasionally, the ensemble will combine with the Colburn Concert Choir to perform choral literature for mixed voices.

Ages: 13–18
Audition and interview required

The Colburn Community Chorale welcomes adults who wish to expand their knowledge of vocal techniques, music theory, and gain more performance opportunities. Members meet weekly for studies and rehearsals.

Audition required

This ensemble provides advanced training and performance opportunities for high school to college-aged members of the Colburn Concert Choir and Young Men’s Chorus. The singers in this ensemble are committed to achieving the highest level of musicianship and artistic expression through study and performance of choral literature for mixed voices.

Ages: 16–19
Audition and interview required