Financial Aid and Scholarships

The Trudl Zipper Dance Institute welcomes students of varying levels of experience. We recognize some students may require financial support to cover the cost of their studies. In this case, we offer merit-based scholarships and need-based financial aid for fall and spring semesters. Students must reapply each year. Funds are limited and not guaranteed.

Special appreciation goes to the Colburn community of donors whose support of dance makes scholarships possible for our students to study in the Trudl Zipper Dance Institute. The School’s commitment to excellence offers young dancers the opportunity to pursue their dreams without financial barriers.

Merit-Based Scholarship Awards

Our limited number of merit-based scholarship awards are very competitive. Applicants must be nominated by an instructor, who also must initiate the application process. To be considered for a scholarship, students should show:

  • a strong potential and motivation in the chosen area of study
  • evidence of exceptional potential and talent in performances
  • an ability to represent the Colburn School in public performances or competitions

Award winners will be notified in writing, along with the specific dollar amount granted. Scholarship awards are valid for fall and spring registration only.

Need-Based Financial Aid Awards

2023–24 Financial Aid Application

Completed applications may be delivered in person or via email. See the application for more details. Financial assistance is limited. Completion of this application does not guarantee granting or receipt of award funds.

Application Due: July 6, 2023
Still accepting applications on a rolling basis until funds are depleted.

A sliding discount scale is used that considers several factors, such as family size and extenuating circumstances in addition to income. We do require a family’s most recent tax filing documents to show proof of income.

Financial aid awards are granted as a percentage of tuition; we never grant full assistance. We do expect families to also financially contribute to students’ studies. To be considered for a financial aid award, students must show:

  • financial need
  • a seriousness of purpose and motivation
  • consistent attendance and progress

Financial Aid

Please contact Gavin Kelley at or 213-621-1085 for more information regarding financial aid. Financial assistance is limited. Completion of this application does not guarantee granting or receipt of award funds.