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Reach your full musical potential. Whether you’re a burgeoning professional or an enthusiastic neophyte, our dedicated faculty work closely with you to define and reach your goals.


Discover a full range of dance – ballet and jazz, tap and modern – as you deepen your love for the art form, or pursue your dream of developing a career as a professional dancer.

Music for All Ages

Turns a love for music into skills that people of all ages will take with them for life

Pre-Professional Music

For exceptional musicians dedicated to careers as performers

Dance Programs

Second to none as a training ground for the next generation of professional dancers

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Spotlight Story

Anthony Gonzalez Has His Shining Moment in Coco

Anthony originally provided the scratch track (preliminary voice tests) for the animators to work with when they set the animation to dialogue and songs. Anthony was doing such a wonderful job, the Pixar team decided to cast him in the leading role.

Alumni Share Tips for Audition Success

While there is no one way to nail an audition and it often takes many years of painstaking work, Austin and Michelle shared some of their experiences and advice for classical musicians looking to make the cut.

How One Alumna Breaks Barriers in the Digital Age

Since landing a position in the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra last year, Karissa has lent her social media savvy to build the orchestra musicians’ online presence.

Athena Sferas Recognized Her Dreams at Colburn

“My scholarship meant I could take hold of every opportunity possible. It made me into a well-rounded and flexible musician, and a knowing musician. Not many students get to have all of these resources.”

Conservatory Alumna Inspires and Empowers Young Learners through Music

“Every kid in the room has a voice. That’s an idea that I brought to Hummingbird from Colburn. The kids need to know that they have a part in what they are doing.”

Jaya Dhand Talks Performance Focus, Her Colburn Experience, and What’s Next

“…the whole ballet has a lot of subtle moments where we all have to work together to keep a very specific mood and atmosphere.”

Librarian’s Corner: Cleanup Work, Bow Masters, and Lots of Erasers

Orchestra librarian Jo Groh leads us through the maze-like process of preparing music for the Colburn Orchestra’s first concert of the season.


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