Music Academy Young Artist Performance

Music Academy Young Artist Performance

November 2, 2019
4 pm

Thayer Hall

Free, no tickets required

Program Information
HADYN String Quartet in D Minor, Op. 76, No. 2
 I. Allegro
Zi Yang Low and Dandan Jingfei Wang, Violins
Cheuk Lam Ma, Viola
Angeline Kiang, Cello

SCHUMANN Abendlied from 12 Klavierstücke für kleine und große Kinder
KLENGEL Scherzo, Op. 6
Ye Un Emily Park, Cello
Minhye Choi, Piano

BRAHMS Viola Sonata in E-flat Major, Op. 120, No. 2
 I. Allegro amabile
Andy Park, Viola
Vivian Fan, Piano

THEO BOCKHORST Elegy for Violin and Cello
Daniel Bae, Violin
Benett Tsai, Cello

DVOŘÁK Cello Concerto, Op. 104
 I. Allegro
Shengyu Meng, Cello
Minhye Choi, Piano

Music Academy students show off their talents in this intimate recital series featuring a delightful mix of repertoire.