Celebrating Ileana Medrano

Human Resources Manager Ileana Medrano retires in January after more than three decades at The Colburn School

With deep gratitude and appreciation, the Colburn School celebrates Ileana Medrano, Human Resources Manager, who will be retiring in January after more than 33 years at Colburn. Ileana’s tenure at Colburn has been truly remarkable. She joined Colburn at a time when the School was still housed in modest leased facilities near USC, and has been an important part of the School’s significant evolution since then. For decades, she has been a steadfast and welcoming presence, providing vital support to our faculty and staff.

Ileana began her career at Colburn working with Toby Mayman, Executive Director and Joe Thayer, CSPA Dean. She had responsibility for everything from student services and registration to support of Toby and Joe. “It’s hard to overstate my appreciation for Ileana’s positive impact at The Colburn School over the years,” said Toby Mayman. “She has absolutely been an integral part of the School’s growth, from the four-person front office at 32nd and Figueroa to its current size and complexity. We all grew together. Characteristically patient, with a quiet sense of humor, steady in the midst of quantum leaps of change, her understanding and support for the mission of the School has been a model at which I continue to marvel. And that has been the basis of a warm personal friendship that will long remain.”

For decades, Ileana has played a key role in the hiring and onboarding of every employee of the School, including faculty, staff and students who work on campus. Her work has touched every employee, from their pre-employment background check to onboarding them in payroll; from enrolling eligible employees in their benefits to preparing their offer letter or faculty contract; from employee get-togethers to the annual kick off meeting and holiday party. Ileana has been invaluable to the School at every step, bringing a deep knowledge of Colburn, enduring relationships with faculty and staff, and dedication to her work in Human Resources.

“When I first joined the Colburn School and was getting to know employees, the one thing I heard time and time again was praise for Ileana,” said Linda Cormier, who worked with Ileana in Human Resources for eleven years. “I want to express my most sincere thanks and appreciation for Ileana’s dedication and support of the Colburn School and its employees. Her contributions cannot be overstated.”

Thank you to Ileana for many amazing years at Colburn!