Collaboration with StudioEleven Brings Colburn’s Walls to Life

Abstract art hanging on a wall. Two kinds of fibers woven with wire.

Enlightenment II, by artist Elise Vazelakis, is featured on the plaza level of the Grand Building.

Exploration, this school year’s on-campus art installation, features a theme as broad as its title. Much like the staggering complexity in a theme and variations piece by any of the great composers, these explorations lead to a beautifully diverse collection of works. Courtesy of StudioEleven, the thought-provoking art in this year’s exhibit ranges from the recognizable to the abstract, the beautiful to the existentially terrifying. The range of emotion displayed around this one theme is breathtaking. Displayed throughout Colburn’s campus, it leads to an artistic journey for students and visitors whether they are on campus for class, rehearsal, or a performance.

The 16 artists who curated the 60-piece exhibition at Colburn come from a wide range of backgrounds ranging from art school to psychotherapy. They include Mindy Alper, a mixed-media artist who was recently the subject of an Oscar-winning short documentary Heaven is a Traffic Jam on the 405, by Franz Stiefel.

StudioEleven is a group of 26 independent artists working and studying at Tom Wudl’s downtown LA studio. This is their third exhibition at Colburn over the last four years and it will be on exhibit through June 2020.