Musical Minuettos: New Series of Innovative Mini Classes for 3–5 Year Olds

Instructor playing drums with young students

Community School Dean Susan Cook and Early Childhood faculty member Mary Alonso envisioned a new way for students and families to explore the arts at Colburn.

The Community School of Performing Arts seeks new ways to engage with our current students and to create new opportunities for growth and development. Starting in October, Dean Susan Cook and Early Childhood Faculty member Mary Alonso envisioned a new series of classes for our youngest students, called Musical Minuettos.

This new series of mini classes for Early Childhood families focuses on the FUNdamentals of music: beat, rhythm, dynamics, form, pitch/melody, texture, timbre, tempo. Using engaging, age-appropriate themes, literature, and the world around us, families will build and practice basic music skills while creating a love of the arts, language, science, and math.

Mini Classes for 3 Year Olds

For 3 year olds, the classes are themed and provide a fun way for students to explore the arts. In Bears, Bears, Everywhere!, the December class, animal loving families will navigate the forest as we learn music skills with the help of our favorite furry friends.

Mini Classes for 4–5 Year Olds

The classes designed for 4–5 year olds explore an exciting musical adventure through books, aptly named Joyous Journeys. These innovative classes focus on seasonally-themed stories paired with musical activities. Every month, there will be a new class with a different story. In December, students celebrate the changing seasons through music and stories in Here Comes Winter.

Community Connection

Mary Alonso, the teacher of the new classes, knows how important it is to support our community:

“This has been a very strange year for everyone! What better way to support our community then offering classes that are more affordable, less time intensive, but educational and enjoyable at the same time. We are also hoping to create some ‘together’ time for families to bond over music.”

The new shorter length classes allow for additional musical development for our current Early Childhood students. It also provides an easy entry for new students to experience the wonders and joy of the performing arts.

Dedicated Early Childhood Faculty

Ms. Alonso not only brings her passion and joy for the arts to the classes, she brings years of experience working with children. She taught in Downey Unified School District for over 27 years. It was during this time that Mary saw the strong connection between music and language development and become a Language Development and an Orff Schulwerk (Levels I-III) Specialist. Additionally, Mary served as an Arts Integration and STEAM Specialist and shared her passion for the arts with educators all over the state through presentations at the CA STEAM Symposium, CA Science Teachers Conference, and Project Lead the Way State/National conferences. With her experience and passion for the arts, she excels at facilitating engaging music classes.

Colburn Connection

These new classes fit perfectly into the existing framework of the Early Childhood Program at Colburn. Our classes target specific age groupings to best capitalize on students’ capabilities as they explore music, theory, voice, movement, and drama. Advancement is based on skill development so students gain confidence as they gain abilities. Early Childhood faculty member Mary Alonso emphasizes the connection to the Colburn curriculum: “These classes support the ECM Program by allowing for continued, focused learning of musical skills while making connections to language, math, and social sciences.”

The classes also incorporate activities for the family and not just for the little ones! Dean Cook states that “it’s geared more towards a family experience rather than just focusing on the age appropriate student.”

Join the Classes

The Community School of Performing Arts could not be more thrilled to be providing these new opportunities to our students and to the community at large. Whether you are a veteran Colburn Early Childhood family or just learning about the programs for the first time, we hope to see you in the new Musical Minuettos classes.

Classes begin December 5. Register today!

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