The Colburn School Announces the Frances Rosen Violin Prize

Frances Rosen

Frances Rosen, in 1973 near the beginning of her work with Richard D. Colburn and the Colburn Collection

“The Frances Rosen Violin Prize will surely have great impact on the winner in a myriad of career-developing ways. It will also help foster and maintain the spirit of excellence and community in our violin student body.” —Martin Beaver, Violin and Chamber Music Faculty, Colburn Conservatory of Music

The Colburn School is honored to announce the Frances Rosen Violin Prize to be awarded in its inaugural year for the 2020–21 term to one outstanding Colburn Conservatory of Music violinist.

Founded by Stephen and Linda Rosen in love and memory of Stephen’s mother Frances Rosen, the prize celebrates Frances’ life in music, her appreciation of the cultural climate of Southern California, and her—and now her entire family’s—commitment to the next generation of artists around the country and here in Los Angeles at the Colburn School.

A close associate of Richard D. Colburn for over 25 years (1970–1996), Frances’ responsibility as administrator of the Colburn Instrument Collection was, among many things, to manage, protect, and oversee the loan of the prized string instruments to the many worthy students who sought their use. In this capacity, she engaged with students in a personal way, serving as a counselor with respect to both the care of the instruments, but also the challenges they faced as they advanced toward responsible musical and personal maturity. Her mentorship, friendship, and care helped develop some of the finest classical musicians in the world today.

“This award will become a crowning achievement in the developmental years of a young violinist’s life. It will not only be a significant spotlight on them but will also give them the financial means forward at a critical time in their rising career. Congratulations!” — Robert Lipsett, Jascha Heifetz Distinguished Violin Chair, Colburn Conservatory of Music

In recognition of her supportive approach to developing an artist and the importance of that same whole-student philosophy at the Colburn School, the Frances Rosen Violin Prize recognizes the whole person, as not only an exceptional musician, but as an exceptional Colburn citizen.

The award will be given at the end of the school year, determined by a committee comprised of both violin faculty and collaborative music directors. All violin students in the Conservatory are eligible; however, a student may only be a recipient once.

The Colburn School is honored to include this prize among the many ways we celebrate our students throughout the year. Some avenues, like special performance opportunities, donor reception engagements, and student project mentorship as well as related financial support are built into the fabric of the School’s model. Others, like this prize and programs developed in partnership with our donor community, are contributing to the evolution of the School’s support structure for our “whole” student and are welcome collaborations with our community members who value and enjoy the beauty our young artists have to offer the world.

“We admire the work instituted by Richard Colburn and carried on by members of his family and so many others who have helped evolve the School to its present renowned level. The Colburn School is a fitting place to honor both the life and work of my mother, both of which she deeply dedicated to the lives of emerging artists. And we are delighted to continue my mother’s work through participating in the development of future young artists through this annual violin prize.” —Stephen and Linda Rosen

If you would like to learn more about the many ways we can, together, support the next generation, including contributing additional funds to the Frances Rosen Violin Prize funds, please contact