The Herbert and Trudl Zipper Archives Collection

The Colburn School has recently received the vast archive collection of Herbert and Trudl Zipper. The Zipper Archive materials date from approximately 1900-1997 and contain materials from the lives of Herbert Zipper (1904-1997), his wife Trudl Dubsky Zipper (1913-1977), and members of the immediate and extended Zipper family, including sister Hedwig “Hedy” Zipper Horwitz/Holt (1907-1989), and maternal uncle (by marriage) artist Arthur Paunzen (1890-1940). The collection was originally bequeathed to Crossroads School by Herbert Zipper and retrieved from Zipper’s home, garage, and office spaces by Paul Cummins after Zipper’s death in April 1997. Since then, the collection has been housed at Crossroads School and in 2019, Crossroads School donated the collection to the Colburn School.

The collection is in a state of sorting and processing and requires cataloging, digitization, conservation, and re-housing of materials. These materials include personal and professional photographs, correspondence, unpublished and published sheet music and scores, books, audio, music, and video recordings on various media, concert programs and related publicity materials, award plaques and certificates, framed and unframed artworks, a set of 1939 encyclopedias, a wood/stone sculpture and a portrait carved by Herbert Zipper, a bronze and a stone sculpture of a dancer, and more. With over 400 boxes of materials, the School is currently raising funds to support the processing and conservation of this important collection. For more information, please contact