Protocols for Dance on Campus

  • After following all protocols on the Colburn website including waiver, health app, and rapid test, proceed directly to your assigned studio, following signage
  • Students must come dressed for class with their own personal water bottle already filled with water
  • Masks must be worn at all times
  • Students should bring extra masks in case their mask becomes wet
  • Consider bringing a device of your own (even just your cell phone) in case you have issues accessing Zoom on the devices in studio
  • Dressing rooms may not be used at this time, and bathrooms are not to be used for changing clothes
  • Please respect the staggered arrival times to your studio
  • When entering a studio, use provided wipes to wipe down surfaces such as barres, door handles, and Zoom equipment (do not use or clean the pianos)
  • Studio doors should remain closed to maximize the air filtration system
  • Follow directions to set up the Zoom interface in the studio:
    1. Go to assigned studio
    2. The iPad or computer will already be powered on
    3. Studio A and Grand Rehearsal Hall iPads:
    4. Touch iPad to activate the device
    5. Tap the Colburn logo “C” on the application dock at bottom of screen
    6. The Class Calendar will open up
    7. Click on your individual Zoom Class link
    8. Additional instructions are listed near the device and administrative staff contact numbers are provided in the event you run into any problems
    9. Studio B Computer:
    10. Use the keyboard or Mouse to activate the computer
    11. Open internet browser and click on Bookmark for Class Calendar
    12. Click on your individual Zoom class link
  • Enjoy your dance class!! If more than one student is in a studio, masks must be worn at all times and social distancing protocols must be followed
  • After class is over and your studio time is finished, use the provided wipes to again wipe down all surfaces before you leave
  • Proceed directly to the exit of the building to go home
  • When leaving campus, only one student or family group should be in the elevator at a time
  • If a student is injured and not able to do a full class, the student should not come to campus
  • Students should remain six feet apart at all times, and should use their studio time for working – teachers will be able to see the full studio on their Zoom screens. Colburn security will also be monitoring the studio and hallway cameras. Appropriate behavior and respect toward teacher and fellow students is mandatory. Any student being disrespectful to the teacher or fellow students, or breaking any safety protocols, will be suspended from campus access.
  • Dancing in the studios is such a gift, and we are so pleased to be able to offer this to you. Please follow all of these rules carefully so that we can continue to have safe dancing on campus at Colburn.