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Architects design for the human experience. When an architectural space is filled with live performance, the artistry of the experience is palpable. Musicians and dancers are regularly adapting—from moment to moment—to their space. Sound waves are adjusted for, sight lines considered, obstacles choreographed around. In this series, we will study how the nature of space affects the experience of the artists and the audience.

Colburn has been pleased to curate this unique performance series since 2019. This season’s Space & Sound event in February is an exclusive opportunity to experience Colburn artists performing in some of Los Angeles’s most architecturally significant and interesting structures. Your ticket purchase serves as a ticket and charitable contribution to support Colburn’s mission of academic performing arts excellence.


Sunday, February 18, from 3pm to 5 pm 

Ziering Residence, Pacific Palisades
(Location details will be sent to ticket holders.) 

Perched on the coastal cliffs, overlooking the Pacific Ocean with the Santa Monica mountains in the background, the Ziering Residence promises an exceptional afternoon with music and dance performances by Colburn artists that will redefine how we experience sound. The curved house and interaction of unique characteristics of concrete, glass, and warm wooden textures will offer a one-of-a-kind and immersive auditory journey through an open minimalistic floor plan with a blend of indoor and outdoor spaces.  

About the Architect 

SPF is an award-winning firm specializing in the design of small- and large-scale works that touch both the private and public spirit, anchored in the desire to make things perform better, look better, and awaken the project environment. Some other notable works include the Wallis Annenberg Center for Performing Arts, Taylor Yard Bridge, and the Getty Villa. 

Tickets: $500.00  

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Join us by reserving your tickets today for these unique experiences that will showcase the extraordinary talents of Colburn student artists performing in these remarkable residences. As space is limited, please reserve your tickets soon.  

All proceeds benefit the Colburn School, and ticket costs are tax deductible as allowed by law. 

For more information contact Tara Grand at or call 310-279-6430. 

Can’t make the event? You can still support Colburn by making a charitable contribution. 

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