Academic Calendar

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2019–20 Combined Fall and Spring Semester (37 weeks)
Fri, May 17–Fri, May 31 Priority 2019 Annual Registration for Continuing Students
Sat, Aug 10 Ballet Men Audition
Sat, Aug 17 Ballet and Tap Audition
Sun, Aug 18 Modern and Musical Theater Audition
Mon, Aug 26 First day of Instruction
Mon, Sept 2 Labor Day—NO CLASSES
Sat, Oct 26 See the Music, Hear the Dance
Tues, Nov 26 Monday class schedule makeup date to replace missed classes from Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Wed, Nov 27–Sun, Dec 1 Thanksgiving Break—NO CLASSES
Sun, Dec 15 Winter Tap Show
Tues, Dec 23–Sun, Jan 5 Winter Break—NO CLASSES
Mon, Jan 20 Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday—NO CLASSES
Mon, Jan 27–Wed, Apr 15 Summer Application Process for Camps/Workshops
Fri, Jan 24 Winter Dance Concert
Sat, Mar 21 Counterpointe
Sat, Mar 28 TapFest
Sat, Apr 18 LA International Dance Festival Dance Academy Showcase
Mon, Apr 6–Sun, Apr 12 Spring Break—NO CLASSES
Sun, May 3 Spring Tap and Musical Theater Show
Sat, May 16 Spring Modern Dance Show
Sat, May 16 Priority Registration for Continuing Students
Mon, May 25 Memorial Day Holiday—NO CLASSES
Sat, May 30 Pinnacle Concert
Mon, Jun 8 Last Day of Instruction

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