Colburn Café

Nestled by the Colburn School plaza off Grand Avenue, the Colburn Café offers a wide variety of seasonal fare to the community and the public. Guests can choose from several signature stations offering different delicious new dishes each day, as well as the salad, sandwich, and grill stations.

Café Hours

Monday–Friday: 7 am–7 pm
Saturday: 8 am–2:30 pm
Sunday: 11 am–6:30 pm

Starbucks Hours

Monday–Friday: 7 am–7 pm
Saturday: 8 am–5 pm
Sunday: 8 am–5 pm

Café and Starbucks hours of operation are subject to change.


If you have an event coming up, the Colburn Café will work with your needs and budget to come up with a customized catering option.