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At the Community School of Performing Arts, understanding where music originated is as important as learning the music itself. With history and music appreciation classes, learn from knowledgeable faculty about composers, musical eras, and everything between.

Beethoven and the Ninth Symphony

Ages 15–Adult

Join Conservatory of Music’s Chair of Music History and Literature Kristi Brown-Montesano for an exploration of Beethoven’s creative and personal journey to his final symphony, a work that has sustained musical, cultural and political significance for nearly 200 years. This four-week course will focus on the genesis and premiere of the Ninth Symphony, including the historical context, musical antecedents, the inventiveness of the composer’s late style, and the choice of Schiller’s “Ode to Joy” for the final choral movement. No music theory assessment needed.

October 3–24

Saturdays, 11 am–12:15 pm

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