Intro to Chamber Music Program (ICM)

The chamber music program is incredible, and we’ve learned so much. Our coach has been instrumental in helping us improve our musicianship and encouraged our creativity. But we’ve also learned other important life skills such as working on a team, communicating effectively and the importance of being dependable. Delancey Wolan, Tesla Wolan and Audrey Li

Program Overview

The Intro to Chamber Music program is for the skilled intermediate player who is exploring chamber music for the first time. Aptitude as a solo instrumentalist with a focus on proficiency in rhythm, intonation, and note reading is essential to participate in this program. A general guideline is 2-3 years playing experience and around Suzuki Book 3/4 level for strings and piano. In addition, students need to have the maturity to work with others independently without a coach. Students will develop skills in cooperation, communication of ideas, score reading, rehearsal techniques, listening, ensemble, and performance etiquette. String, woodwind and piano students meet weekly in assigned chamber groups for independent rehearsal and coaching, and once a month in a group class setting where they will play for each other in a friendly and nurturing environment. Brass students will be grouped together and meet in larger group ensembles weekly. All groups will perform in the Intro to Chamber Ensemble Concert in May. 

Recommended Ages: 8–14 for strings and piano, 11-18 for Brass 

Open to strings, piano, woodwinds, and brass. 

Important Deadlines

Video submissions and applications due July 1.
Students will be informed of decisions by August 1.
Students will be required to accept by submitting registration and payment by August 15. Late additions/alternates may be accepted until the End of August, space permitting. 

Audition Requirements

Video submissions will be accepted in lieu of a live audition.  

Please prepare two contrasting pieces – without an accompanist – that demonstrate technical and interpretive accomplishment.  

2024–25 Intro to Chamber Application Form 

  • First, please record yourself playing two contrasting pieces, then upload the video to YouTube. 
  • Start your video by stating your full name and for which program(s) (Advanced Orchestras, Chamber Music, Intro to Chamber, or a combination) you are auditioning. 
  • Please name the file by the following format: First name Last Name. Instrument (for example, John Smith. Violin). 
  • When uploading the video to YouTube, make sure the video is marked unlisted or public. If you do not want the video to be public, marking it unlisted will not allow people to find the video, but will allow you to share the link with the Community School. 
  • The audition recording must be made continuously and without cuts. We want to see a true depiction of how well you can play. 
  • The video must be completed before you begin the application form, otherwise you will not be able to submit. 
  • Once you have completed your video, please fill out the application form. You will need the link to your YouTube video to complete the application form. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. 

Group Assignment 

Chamber groups are formed after auditions on the basis of performance level, age, and compatibility of personality and schedules. Chamber Music is a yearlong commitment and changes to any grouping is the prerogative of the director. Note that the number of students enrolled in the Ed and Mari Edelman Chamber Music Institute is limited; students studying privately at the Community School are given priority in assignments. Those admitted into the Chamber Music program will be required to attend a short orientation meeting at the beginning of the fall semester. 

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