Apply to the Dance Academy

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Prospective Students

Attending the Colburn Dance Academy requires a high level of commitment and passion. We require applicants—between the ages 14 and 19—to have already studied ballet for a minimum of four years. Female dancers should be able to exhibit excellent pointe work; although our curriculum that is ballet-based, students should to be prepared to explore different dance forms.


Admittance for the Dance Academy is a competitive process, and auditions are mandatory. Auditions are held in the spring in New York and Los Angeles. Auditions for the 2018–19 school year are now over. Male students with two or more years of ballet training are invited to participate. Individuals who are unable to attend an in-person audition may submit video auditions.

Audition Process

At the audition, Dance Academy artistic staff will give and observe a full ballet technique class. The class is taught in the Balanchine style and will run between 90 minutes and two hours.

Women will take the full class in pointe shoes and are expected to demonstrate strong and articulate pointe work with proper placement throughout the class along with accomplished double pirouettes both en dehors and en dedans as well as clear petite allegro and grand allegro. Single leg or repetitive turns such as pique turns on diagonal, fouettes or arabesque turns may be required.

Men are expected to demonstrate strong and correct placement throughout the class along with secure double to triple pirouettes both en dedans and en dehors as well as clear petite allegro, strong and confident grand allegro with double tour en l’air, and a la seconde turns.


A year’s tuition is $6,500. Financial aid and scholarships are available. A limited number of scholarships is granted; please contact Gavin Kelley at or 213-621-1085 for more information.


Students must attend another school to meet their state-mandated academic education requirements. Dance Academy classes, which are scheduled for the early part of the day, typically interfere with traditional high school hours, so we recommend students consider alternative academic programs, such as online schools and classes.


There is a limited number of on-campus residence spots available to Colburn Dance Academy students. Decisions are made on a case-by case basis. Rooming costs $10,000, not including meal options. Financial aid for residence is available.

For more information, contact Gavin Kelley at or 213-621-1085.