Music, Dance, and Performing Arts Camps this Summer at Colburn

This summer, students who want to explore a wide range of genres and skills can choose from the Colburn Performing Arts Camp (pictured) for ages 8–12 and the All Dance Camp for ages 9–14.

Although the spring semester has just begun, Summer at Colburn is quickly approaching! At Colburn, music and arts education happens all year round. Both the Community School and Trudl Zipper Dance Institute offer summer programming to reach those interested in high-quality arts training all year long.

The summertime offers the perfect opportunity to provide unique programs. Without the distraction of school and other events, Summer at Colburn gives students time to be completely devoted to the arts.

Summer at Colburn also provides access to our state-of-the-art facilities and campus. The Colburn School is located on Grand Avenue, amongst some of the most prestigious arts organizations in the country. With three recital halls, countless practice rooms, and plenty of stunning views of Downtown Los Angeles, Colburn’s facilities are the perfect place for aspiring artists to work on their craft.

What Camps Does Colburn Offer?

This summer, choose from music, dance, and performing arts workshops and camps for students ages eight and older.

Community School of Performing Arts

Colburn Performing Arts Camp (ages 8–12)
The Colburn Performing Arts Camp is the perfect program for students 812 years old looking to enter the world of the arts. Students sing in a choir, learn music theory, and have the option to participate in group piano, percussion, guitar, or tap class. Students will experience the arts in a fun, engaging way, surrounded by encouraging faculty and students. No musical or artistic experience required!

Piano Camp Intensive (ages 9–13)
For young pianists, the Community School is offering Piano Camp Intensive. At this program, students take private lessons with Colburn faculty, participate in theater and acting exercises, and perform challenging new repertoire. Camp co-director Micah Yui says, “Piano Camp Intensive is unique in that it is an experience specifically for a younger group of piano students who most probably never before experienced immersing themselves in music intensely for two weeks alongside their peers. It is two weeks where students can learn, be inspired by others, and form friendships with fellow piano students.”

Chamber Music Intensive, Jazz Camp, and Percussion Workshop (high school students)
The Community School of Performing Arts’ programs not only serve as the entry point into the arts, but also as the stepping-stone for greater musical achievement. For high school musicians looking to heighten their musical experience and challenge themselves, the Community School offers the Chamber Music Intensive, Jazz Camp, and Percussion Workshop. These programs draw talented and serious musicians from all over the Los Angeles area and beyond.

At Jazz Camp, students focus on improvisation and performance in this week of all things jazz related. Young jazz musicians will collaborate with a community of talented players as they receive instruction from Colburn faculty. Colburn jazz musicians are regularly recognized in the Monterey Next Generation Jazz Festival, Spotlight Awards, and Downbeat Magazine. By participating in the Jazz Camp, students can be part of this award-winning jazz tradition at Colburn.

High school percussionists will find a place for themselves at the Percussion Workshop. Rehearse and perform complex music specifically written for percussion. This ensemble experience is unique as percussionists can explore their instrument and their own musical capabilities without the constraints of being part of an orchestra or band. Guest artists and offsite field trips are part of this weeklong experience.

For students looking for a place to develop collaborative skills or to bring their chamber group to the next musical level, the Chamber Music Intensive offers both pre-existing chamber groups and individual instrumentalists a place to refine their chamber music prowess. Complete with master classes, field trips, and performances, this intensive seeks to build musically intelligent performers.

Trudl Zipper Dance Institute

All Dance Camp (ages 9–14)
Younger dancers of all experience levels can explore and develop their skills in ballet, jazz, modern, and tap dance. This all-day camp is offered for up to three weeks, giving students looking to expand their understanding of different dance genres a chance to immerse themselves in a fun, but intense environment. “Most students will have only studied one genre of dance, (i.e. ballet, modern, or tap) and exposure to other disciplines, and what they will experience and learn in those classes, will only further inform their main focus,” explains Modern Chair Tamsin Carlson, who will be teaching the modern dance portion of the camp.

Modern Choreographic Workshop (ages 12–18)
In this workshop, dancers of all levels will work with professional guest artists to explore different modern dance techniques and choreographic methods. Past guest artists have included Stina Ahlberg, Rachel Berman, Katherine Fisher, Jmy James Kidd, Banu Ogan, Andrew Pearson, Rudy Perez, and more. “It’s important for students to experience new teachers, especially faculty from higher level education,” Carlson shared. Dancers will also have the opportunity to put their new techniques into motion by choreographing their own short work, culminating by an informal showing at the end of the week.

Pre-Pointe Workshop (ages 9–14) and Intermediate/Advanced Ballet (ages 13–18)
Ballet dancers can choose from the Pre-Pointe Workshop or Intermediate/Advanced Ballet class based on their age and skill level. These workshops let dancers build their technique in the summer to prepare for the fall semester. In Pre-Pointe, new and continuing students will develop crucial knowledge and strength for going on pointe, and learn exercises they can practice throughout the summer. Intermediate/Advanced Ballet provides a bridge for older students who were enrolled in Ballet III, IV, and V in the 2019–20 school year to get back into their dance routines before fall.

Teen Tap Intensive (ages 13–19) and Musical Theater Workshop (ages 14–21)
Advanced tap and musical theater students can again participate in the Teen Tap Intensive and Musical Theater Workshop this summer. Work with Colburn faculty and professional guest artists to hone your skills and take them to the next level while working on style and stamina. Auditions are required for the Musical Theater Workshop, which will focus on excerpts from musicals that will be presented in an informal culminating performance.

Who teaches these camps?

Along with select guest artists, our renowned faculty at the Colburn School teaches the summer programs. Their performance, teaching, and artistic experience creates a perfect atmosphere for growth while still being supportive and encouraging. Summer at Colburn gives faculty a week of uninterrupted time to dedicate to teaching and helping young artists develop.

Summer at Colburn is one of the best times to experience our institution. For our current students, these weeklong programs offer more focused training and access to our teachers. For students who have never been to Colburn, this set of camps offer a chance to experience all that makes Colburn great: renowned faculty, like-minded peers, unbeatable location, and a high level of performance and training. Summer at Colburn is the perfect opportunity to begin, continue, or develop artistic and musical experience.

How do I apply?

Jazz Camp, Chamber Camp, Percussion Camp
Fill out an application form and send in a video audition. Learn more about application requirements.

Piano Camp
Fill out an application form and sign up for a live audition on March 15. Learn more about application requirements.

Performing Arts Camp and All Dance Camp
Fill out the registration form and pay the tuition. No video or live audition necessary. Learn more about Performing Arts Camp and All Dance Camp.

Modern Choreographic Workshop and Teen Tap Intensive
For new and continuing students at the appropriate level, register online and pay the tuition. Learn more about dance workshops.

Pre-Pointe Workshop
Students new to Colburn should contact the Dance office at or 213-621-4530 to schedule an assessment. Colburn students currently enrolled in Ballet II, III, and IV can register online.

Musical Theater Workshop
All students, new or continuing, should contact Denise Scheerer at to schedule an audition. Auditions will take place on May 19. Learn more about audition requirements.

Intermediate/Advanced Ballet
Students currently enrolled in Ballet III, IV, or V can register online and pay the tuition.

Do you offer private lessons and other classes in the summer?

Yes! Private instrumental lessons are based on teacher availability and can be registered on a rolling basis. Submit an inquiry form with the Community School to get started.

For those interested in music and performing arts classes, the Community School offers summer session classes from June 1–July 26. Priority registration for continuing students begins Friday, April 17. Open enrollment for all students begins on Monday, April 27.