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Thayer Hall contains seating for 189 persons, with 4 dedicated ADA/wheelchair spaces. 

Stage Size 

The Thayer Hall stage is approximately 550 square feet. It is excellent for solo events or events with a small number of participants. The stage can accommodate up to 20 performers. 


Concert grand pianos are available for Thayer Hall events. A Colburn School piano technician will tune the piano specifically for your event. 


Thayer Hall is equipped with high-definition audio recording and sound reinforcement systems, as well as a 4K remote controlled video recording and live streaming system and an HD video projection system. 

Recording and Sound Reinforcement 

The audio recording system is based on Merging Technologies interfaces and Pro Tools. It can provide multitrack recording and a live stereo mix. 

An extensive microphone collection is readily available and includes DPA, Neumann, Schoeps, Sennheiser, Shure, and more to use with both reinforcement and recording applications. 

The sound reinforcement system features an L-Acoustics Kiva/Kilo Line Array and an Allen and Heath SQ7 mixer along with 4 channels of wireless mics. 


The Projection system includes a Panasonic DLP 10k lumen projector with a native resolution of 1080p and a motorized 324-inch screen, which covers the stage wall and stops a few inches above the floor when deployed. File playback is handled via QLab. 

Video Recording and Live Streaming 

The video recording and live streaming system includes 4 readily available remote-controlled Canon 4K cameras and an ATEM switcher with program recorders. 

The system can provide a live cut, comprehensive graphics, as well as ISO files. 

At least one Colburn Audio/Visual Engineer is required for use of the hall’s sound system, microphones, projector, screen, etc. Additional engineers may be required for larger, more complex programs. The renter will be billed on an hourly basis for all audio/visual personnel. Arrangements to use Thayer Hall’s A/V systems must be arranged through the Rentals Manager. You may also bring in your own audio/visual equipment with permission from the Rentals Manager. 


Thayer Hall is equipped with a complete stage lighting system. The lighting system has several existing pre-set functions that can accommodate a variety of programs. The stage manager can operate these pre-set functions to highlight parts of your program. Additional theatrical lighting is available by hiring a Colburn School Lighting Engineer. Arrangements to use the Colburn School’s lighting system and lighting engineers should be made well in advance through the Colburn School’s Rentals Manager.   

Additional Facilities 

Thayer Hall’s green room is equipped with a private restroom and is located backstage. Several classrooms of various sizes near Thayer Hall may be used as dressing rooms and/or rehearsal/warmup spaces. Please check with The Colburn School’s Rentals Manager to determine the availability of these spaces.