The Way Forward

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During a year when musicians and dancers needed to collaborate from afar, faculty, alumni, students, and friends of Colburn came together under the direction of filmmaker Hamid Shams to produce this celebration of creativity and connectivity. View a complete list of performers and works featured in the film.

Filmed remotely in Australia, Canada, Finland, England, Spain, and on the Colburn campus in Los Angeles, The Way Forward is a visually stunning narrative featuring ballet, classical music, jazz, opera, and Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir 6, with 17,572 singers from 129 countries. A portrait of a community brimming with talent, energy, and passion, The Way Forward is a celebration of the drive to perform and the will to create.

About the Director
Hamid Shams has been a filmmaker for over 35 years, traveling the world and working on commercials, short and feature films, both narratives and documentaries, working with both large and small crews as well as on solo projects. Hamid collaborated with Scottish director Murray Grigor on seven feature documentaries, including Infinite Space, The Architecture of John Lautner, and The Cellist – The Legacy of Gregor Piatigorsky.

Director and Cinematographer: Hamid Shams
Executive Producer: Sel Kardan
Producer and Editor: Hamid Shams
Visual EFX: Jared Meinero and Eddie Wiseman
Audio Engineers: Fred Vogler and Francesco Perlangeli

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