Open Classes

For Youth and Adult Dancers

Dance allows a student to strive for excellence and create art; to move with both the discipline of technique and the freedom of joy; and to express any emotion without ever saying a word. In this time of social distancing, the power of dance is more important than ever, which is why the Trudl Zipper Dance Institute has expanded its offering to include classes for the general public.

Dancers around the world are invited to advance their training at home, accompanied by live music, and get real-time feedback from renowned instructors.

Come and dance with us in the Colburn Connected Virtual Studio.

Open Group Classes

$20 per class


Looking for more in-depth training? Check out Colburn’s private lesson offerings below.

Private lessons are arranged with the dance office by contacting with subject line “Private Lesson Request” and request for a specific instructor.

Please note: dance private lessons are typically 25 and 55 minute sessions based on studio availability. No more than three students may share a private lesson, thus creating a semi-private lesson.

Instructor approval is required for both private and semi-private lessons.

Ringer, Fayette, Sloan, Belliston, Blankenship, Bulgarelli, Cohen, Cowgill, Gillespie, Gonzalez, Hodges, Karz, Karz Rapoport, Labean Page, Lynch, Taylor
Carlson, Dobson, Fukuda, Gonzalez, Hodges
Scheerer, Hobbs III, Pennington, Reich, Schadt, Sullivan, Wiggan, Williams

Hourly Rates for Private Lessons
30 minutes: $66.50 per lesson
60 minutes: $133.00 per lesson
90 minutes: $199.50 per lesson