A New Online Experience: Virtual Open House at the Community School

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Get the insider view of the Community School at the upcoming Virtual Open House on June 5.

As summer quickly approaches and optimism rises, the Community School of Performing Arts is focused on keeping its programs open and accessible to all students! With the upcoming Virtual Open House on June 5, the Community School is utilizing the online experience to continue adapting and providing opportunities for students of all ages and experiences to connect with Colburn’s faculty, staff, and programming.

Virtual Open House

June 5
9 am–4 pm

The Virtual Open House is a pathway into discovering the perfect program for children or adult learners! With department chair panels, open classes, expert seminars, and engaging video content, participants will have the Community School on full display. The Virtual Open House exemplifies the Community School’s resilience, accessibility, and commitment to recruiting students of all ages and experiences.

Resilience and Technological Solutions

The upcoming event testifies to the resilience of the Community School. With over 70 years of music education experience, not even a pandemic can prevent the school from reaching students. In 2019, the Community School put on its first Open House. With over 500 attendees, the event took place at Colburn’s beautiful downtown LA campus bringing students and families in contact with all the amazing faculty, staff, and programs. While this year continues to present unique challenges due to the pandemic, the Community School has shifted the event online to continue to showcase the incredible opportunities at the school.

The Community School will be utilizing an online hub for all registration, information, and exciting video content for prospective students and parents to interact with. This creative approach will allow the school to safely interact with students while expanding our reach from the greater Los Angeles area to anywhere in the country or world, time zone permitting.

Utilizing the skills, knowledge, and technological advances at Colburn, the Community School will also premiere a new video at the Virtual Open House. The student narration will bring prospective families through the mission, history, and programs of our school.

The Open House and the Commitment to Accessibility

The Community School is committed to opening up our doors and allowing students to see the full extent of what we do. Accessibility is a priority. The Community School wants prospective students to meet the teachers and staff and see what Summer and Fall 2021 would look like at Colburn, especially with brand new summer camps such as Zippy Toons, a songwriting camp, and returning favorites like the Jazz Camp and Chamber Music Intensive.

The Community School is often the first step of a student’s journey in the performing arts. In knowing this, we aim to provide as much information as possible to parents and adult learners to enable a productive journey. . As part of this information effort, the Virtual Open House will present a seminar with Dr. Sean Hutchins about Early Childhood Music and Cognitive Development.

Dr. Sean Hutchins is the Director of Research for the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. He founded and currently leads the Royal Conservatory’s Research Centre, focusing on experimental studies of music neuroscience and performance. At the Virtual Open House, he will be walking parents through the impact of Early Childhood Music on young students.

In addition to the seminar, the department chairs will host a panel and Q&A with parents, students, and parents.

Community School of Performing Arts Department Chairs

Gina Coletti, Ed and Mari Edelman Chamber Music Institute
Henry Gronnier, Strings
Jeff Lavner, Piano
Karen Lundgren, Winds, Brass, and Percussion
Kathy Sawada, Music Theory
Lee Secard, Jazz Studies
Michael Stevens, Voice

Whether you have a question about private lessons, juries, or music theory placement, the department chairs can answer it! These experienced faculty help students and families navigate Colburn and provide them with the advice to make the Community School their performing arts home.

Opening Up New Audiences

During this last year, we confirmed our commitment to diverse student recruitment with new and expanded Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion initiatives, furthering the Community School’s emphasis on reaching the broad, multi-generational and cultural population in Los Angeles with access to high quality performing arts education.

The Virtual Open House is one of the ways to reach new people! The event opens up the Community School to those beyond the sprawling reaches of Los Angeles. Students from around the country can talk to faculty and participate in classes. The lack of commute or drive time opens up the availability of students and families who maybe can’t make the drive downtown to see Colburn’s campus.

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