The Way Forward
Green Room

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Get answers to frequently asked questions

Q: How do I watch The Way Forward?
A: The event will be livestreamed online and you can watch from your computer, mobile device, or stream to your internet-connected TV (Chromecast, Amazon Fire, Apple TV). On the day of the event, just go to the Screening Room and hit play on the video. Make sure you have a built-in device speaker or connected speakers to hear the event.

Q: Can I hit pause or start over?
A: Since this is a livestream, you can only view the event in real time. You cannot start over from the beginning, rewind, or fast-forward. You can hit pause but once you resume watching you will be in real time, meaning that you will miss anything that happened previously.

Q: How do I watch full screen?
A: We recommend watching The Way Forward in full screen mode. Locate the four-arrow icon on the bottom right of the Vimeo screen window and select it. This should open your viewing window to full screen.
Full screen icon

Q: How do I join the live artist chat after the film?
A: Click on the Zoom link on the Screening Room page.

Q: Will I be on camera during the live artist chat?
A: Only the featured artists and moderators will be on camera. Our audience will not be visible, so you can remain in your Sunday best, pajamas, or anything in between!

Q: Do I need to have Zoom on my computer or mobile device?
A: Yes, you will need Zoom installed to join the live artist chat. If Zoom is not already on your device, you can download it here and create a free account. We encourage you to do this in advance.

Q: How can I test my home setup in advance?
A: Click on one of the trailers on the Screening Room page. Make sure you can hear the sound, you have good quality audio and video quality, and that you are able to expand the video to full screen mode. If needed, download Zoom using the instructions above.

Q: What if I’m experiencing connectivity issues such as low resolution, glitches, skips, and freezes?
A: Unfortunately, connectivity issues are usually caused by your internet or WiFi service provider and equipment. We suggest trying to be connected with a wire instead of on WiFi, or restart your internet if possible.

Q: I’m watching the video but I can’t hear anything.
A: If you have no sound or low sound and you have adjusted the volume on your computer, television, or phone, check the volume bar at the bottom of the video. Gray means the bar is not activated, blue means the bar is activated with sound. Try increasing the volume here to see if it resolves the issue.

Q: If I’m unable to connect to the event, who can assist me?
A: Please email and a member of our team will get back to you as quickly as possible to assist.

Set up your home system for the best viewing experience

Watch on your computer/laptop

Make sure that you have internet connection and audio capabilities (built-in speakers or connected speakers) through your computer or laptop. Next, open your browser (Safari, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.) and then go to the Screening Room page, then click on the video. You should automatically connect to the livestream event. Adjust your speaker volume as needed.

Watch on your mobile phone or tablet

Connect your device to WiFi or use your service’s cellular data. Next, select and open your browser app (Safari, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.) and then go to the Screening Room page, then click on the video. You should automatically connect to the livestream event. Adjust your speaker volume as needed.

Watch on your television

If you are using a Smart TV to watch the premiere, use this link for access:

Please take note that you will need to use a different device (mobile, tablet, laptop/desktop with audio capability) to experience the Artists’ Q&A that will take place after the conclusion of the film.

Chromecast – with a Chromecast device you can cast directly to your television
You can stream films on Chromecast by screen sharing your smartphone, tablet, or computer on the same WiFi network. For information on screen sharing using your Chromecast, click here.

When viewing on Chromecast, we recommend optimizing your full screen viewing experiencing for best audio quality. If this option does automatically appear, right-click on the Chromecast icon and select “Optimize full screen” from the drop-down menu (see image below).
Screenshot of chromecast options with optimize fullscreen video checked

AirPlay – using your AirPlay enabled device or SmartTV (most Samsung TVs)
Instructions for screen sharing using your Apple TV using AirPlay can be found here.

HDMI Cable – to connect your computer or mobile device to your television
If you have a laptop or nearby computer with an HDMI port, you can connect it directly to your television, using it as a second monitor. That said, connection details will depend on your setup. We recommend referencing your television’s manual for more information.