Community Partners

Colburn is proud to partner with 15 Title 1 public schools in Los Angeles as well various organizations throughout Southern California and the nation. School partners gain access to our pipeline of learning programs, while community partners can engage with The Center in various ways, such as hosting student performances or collaborative projects.

Beginning fall 2020, Colburn will partner with local and national organizations who are established leaders in the EDI space, while learning from their experience and perspective. Together, we are developing long-term collaborative programming designed to engage, develop, and empower BIPOC artists in every area of the School. Partner organizations will benefit from free access to Colburn spaces, teaching artists, and Center resources, as well as scholarship opportunities for participating students.

Local Partnerships: Inner City Youth Orchestra of Los Angeles (ICYOLA)
Colburn and ICYOLA, the largest majority African-American orchestra in America, will embark on a multi-faceted partnership that will include side-by-side collaborations, scholarships, in-depth teaching artist support, and the creation of a joint strings and literacy program in predominantly African American elementary schools in South LA. Effective immediately, Colburn will begin offering direct scholarship support to artists in ICYOLA.

National Partnerships
Colburn is developing exciting partnerships with national organizations dedicated to identifying and developing musicians and dancers of color, with further details to be announced soon.