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Accelerando: gradually faster; an increase in tempo

Articulation: the way a note is played

Composer: a person who writes music

Crescendo: a gradual increase in volume

Dynamics: the volume of music

Harmony: multiple pitches that are played or sung at the same time to create a pleasing sound

Interpretation: to explain the meaning of or to perform in a way that shows your own thoughts and feelings about something

Melody: a series of pitches or notes that create the main tune in a piece of music

Mood: a state of mind or feeling. In music, it is the feeling that the music creates

Piano: a large keyboard musical instrument with metal strings that are struck by hammers when the keys are pressed; also used a musical term for soft volume

Pitch: how high or low a sound is

Rhythm: patterns of sound and silence

Scale: a set of ordered pitches or tones on which melodies and harmonies are built

Score: the written version of a piece of music

Tempo: the speed of music

Tone Color (Timbre): the unique sound quality of an instrument or voice

Virtuoso: an individual with exceptional and extraordinary technical and musical abilities

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