How Does It Feel?

Discuss various feelings and moods and how we communicate them.
1. As a class, brainstorm a list of various feelings and moods.

  • When might you have these feelings?
  • Are there specific moments, people, or actions that affect your mood?
2. Discuss how you might communicate these feelings. Have several students demonstrate their ideas for the class.

  • What words would you use?
  • What does your voice sound like?
  • What is your facial expression?
  • How are you using your body (e.g. jumping up and down, arms crossed)?
3. Think about how the characters in The Piano performance were feeling.

  • How was Sam feeling at the beginning?
  • What words, sounds, or movements did you notice that communicated his feelings?
  • How did his mood change? What caused that change?
  • How was the piano feeling?
  • What role did music play in helping our characters?
  • How did the music change along with the characters?
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