Post-Concert Activities

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Estimated Time
Approximately 60 minutes (four 15-minute activities) + an independent musical extension activity


  • Whiteboard or chalkboard
  • Classroom computer and projector or Smartboard to access video and web links
  • Optional: paper, crayons or markers, and art supplies for found materials for collage-making
1. How Does It Feel?

Discuss various feelings and moods and how we communicate them.

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2. In the Mood

Explore how composers and musicians add feeling to music using a variety of musical elements, such as dynamics, tempo, and articulation.

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3. Musical Interpretation

Discover how musicians use musical elements to interpret and play music in different ways.

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4. Musical Pictures

Explore the connection between music and visual art, and create your own musical pictures.

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Musical Extension: Chrome Music Lab

Practice piano skills, compose original music, and explore musical pictures through this interactive website.

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